Our Method

When things are simple, it is easy to understand them, above all when you are talking about gnocchi.
If you have tried one of our creations you will well know what we are talking about: their
light soul and their flavour immediately give you what you have always searched for.

But have you ever wondered how they can be so simply… simple? It is all thanks to our production method, that allows us to create all of this light goodness using only potato and water.

In the end, why add ingredients, when so little is sufficient? But the advantage of all of this genuineness is not only the flavour. In fact, by making the dough for our gnocchi with only potato and water (and so without flour, egg, milk or preservatives), everyone can have the pleasure of tasting a good plate of gnocchi, from people with intolerances to those who, simply, want to stay light.

Try them, and you will discover the light soul of gnocchi.