We owe everything to the Earth, mother of all of the ingredients that make our gnocchi so light and flavoursome. Exactly for this reason, we do everything to protect it in every way possible. Only in this way are we sure that to your home arrives a genuine and balanced flavour, perfect to make each of your dishes an authentic taste experience.

Our first 100% compostable packaging

We work hard to safeguard nature every day. In this way was born our first 100% compostable tray, which inside holds the much-loved gnocchi, always made with only potato and water. The cardboard is obviously recyclable, while the tray is created with organic material that allows you to dispose of it in the organic waste.

New Packaging with 60% less plastic

For the new packaging of our gnocchi we have decided to drastically reduce the use of plastic, contributing to the reduction of CO2 emitted into the air and of the plastic that could end up being thrown away onto the land and into the sea.

Environmental Management Systems Certificate

With the ISO 14001 certificate we demonstrate our continuing commitment to safeguarding nature. In fact, we have a management system aimed at keeping the environmental impacts of our activities under control, together with daily research so that we can improve in a coherent, efficient and above all sustainable way.

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Are you allergic to mustard?

The line adopted by Il Pastaio has always been correct and clear information for Consumers.

In light of the recent problems that have emerged on the presence of mustard in wheat, our suppliers declare the possible presence of this allergen in the wheat-based raw materials used in the Berlingo (BS) plant.

If you are allergic or intolerant to mustard, we therefore inform you that the gnocchi produced in the Berlingo (BS) plant may contain traces of mustard (in addition to the traces of soy already indicated on the label).

We have already started the work of adjusting the wrappers, in the meantime we remind you that the location of the production plant is indicated on all our packages.