Our Story

Patarò was born in 1983, but the idea of creating unique, good and light gnocchi bloomed much earlier. For years we researched the perfect recipe to create our dream, the recipe that would change the perception of gnocchi. And in the end, we found it.

We took out everything: flour, water, milk and preservatives. Why complicate something that can be so simple? In this way we were left with only potato and water, we put them together and our fantastic flavoursome gnocchi with a light soul were born.

But we didn’t stop here. To our classic gnocchi we added the filled gnocchi, that bring together the lightness of the dough with only potato and the delicious filling. And not to forget our wholemeal gnocchi, made with only wholemeal flour and water, and our gluten free gnocchi, perfect for people with an intolerance but who can’t resist a good plate of gnocchi.

We then thought of the youngest diners, who are not only interested in flavour, but also in fun. This is why we called on the help of the four cute Protectors of the Galaxy to bring to the Earth delicious and charming star-shaped gnocchi made with only potato and water.

And talking about the Earth, brings us to our latest innovation: our first 100% compostable packaging! This, together with our other certifications, testifies our commitment to safeguarding nature and to sustainability, nature that keeps our gnocchi so simply light and flavoursome.