Social Policy

With this document it is officially formalized the policy regarding the social responsibility of the company Il Pastaio Srl.
The purpose of this document is to establish quantifiable and achievable targets and to convey them to the staff, partners, customers and suppliers.


Honesty and transparency

Honesty is the fundamental principle of Il Pastaio Srl and represents an essential element of business management.
Relationships with employees, partners, customers and suppliers, on all levels, must be based on opinion and behavior of propriety, consistency, fairness and mutual respect.
Il Pastaio Srl communicates in clear, transparent, accurate and timely way with its employees, partners, customers and suppliers.

Social responsibility

Il Pastaio Srl believes that its business, to be qualified as ethically responsible, should follow models of production that respect and safeguard human rights, environment and welfare of the community, promoting human development in an equitable and sustainable way.

Centrality of the person

In accordance with its ethic vision, Il Pastaio Srl intends to develop the value of each person, respecting the physical, cultural and moral integrity, as well as the right to associate and interact with others. Il Pastaio Srl points out to all aspects relating people’s lives, because human life inspires all activities of the company. Il Pastaio Srl supports and respects human rights in its activities and provides equal opportunities for the development of its people and protects the privacy. Il Pastaio Srl does not tolerate any form of discrimination or exclusion for age, culture, ethnicity, nationality, religion, race, political opinion, marital status, pregnancy, veteran state of war, gender and sexual orientation, identity, and/or gender expression, genetic information, health or disability.

Labor protection

Il Pastaio Srl provides for freedom of workers association and recognizes the right to collective bargaining. It agrees not to use, even indirectly, both forced and compulsory labor, and child labor. It refuses all discrimination based on age, sex, sexuality, state of health, race, nationality, political opinion, and religion; repudiates all forms of discrimination in recruitment policies and human resources management. Il Pastaio Srl undertakes to prevent any form of mobbing and labor exploitation, both direct and indirect, and to recognize in the merits, in the performance of work, in professional potential the decisive criteria for the development of pay and career.

Compliance with laws, codes and regulations

Il Pastaio Srl considers compliance with national and international laws a binding and essential condition of their actions. Therefore commits itself, even with careful work on the prevention of consumption of illicit, to respect these regulations as well as the generally recognized practice. Also inspires its decisions and behaviors to possible changes in the regulatory framework.

Safety Policy

The company IL PASTAIO SRL, in pursuing its activities, considers human health, protection of the environment and safety at work a fundamental duty, a sustained commitment and a constant component of its mission.

The Management, with this document, and in the application of the Consolidated Safety Act Legislative Decree 81/2008 and subsequent amendments, wants to define and communicate to all its staff the objectives to achieve in the field of prevention and protection of workers, partners and suppliers’ health.
The company, which adopted the guidelines regarding safety, promotes continuous training of its employees, focusing the cultural growth on achieving the following objectives:

respecting, in regard to contents and principles, the rules of law in the field of safety and industrial hygiene applicable to the activities, to products and services; voluntary applying, if it is possible, further provisions considered necessary even in absence of legislative obligations;
promoting any personal or collective initiative to prevent, in every activity, the occurrence of accidents;
supplying resources, time, and will necessary to comply with all the legal obligations in the field of safety;
rising awareness and informing the staff and partners of external companies about the necessity to comply with safety and hygiene standards in force and verifying through continuous internal audits and controls, the correct compliance;
training employees to intervene in unexpected and emergency conditions in order to minimize possible consequences;
improving constantly the safety management and any possible reports of malfunctioning also by the staff involved for the overall achievement of objectives;
managing products and using procedures that guarantee workers, partners and suppliers’ safety;
guaranteeing a transparent and collaborative relationship with public subjects, private and local communities;
• continually updating resources dedicated to the implementation of regulations in force, as well as partners, employees, and management.

This safety policy will be conveyed to all the employees and widespread outside the facility through the usual forms of communication.

Policy for the quality and
safety of food products

The principle of the policy of quality and healthiness of the products is to achieve the highest level of quality of raw materials and processes and always satisfy the customers.

The full respect of all the significant provisions is a precise commitment towards partners, community, customers and shareholders.

The constant engagement to improve, through the participation of the partners in a process of continuous improvement of the product, processes and services completes the picture of a company at the highest levels of quality.

The System of the Quality Management has been carried out through a process approach, in accordance with the requirements of the BRC standard and of the IFS standard and strives for the achievement of the following goals:

• Guaranteeing the customer’s health and the healthiness and safety of food products and avoiding contaminations; preventing and reducing non-compliances at every stage of the process; (Food Safety);
• Conducting an analysis of fraud risk regarding the raw materials used in order to protect the consumer from health or commercial frauds (Food Fraud);
• Identify and monitor possible intentional sources of contamination of food products and implement all preventive measures in order to protect the consumer from possible sabotage actions (Food Defense);
• Employing all the available resources to guarantee the highest quality to satisfy Customers, by providing products and services corresponding to their demands, both expressed and implicit by promoting in the company a culture for quality, engaging all the employees for a continuous improvement;
• Satisfying the binding requirements for products and processes, in order to meet demands and expectations of all the interested parties;
• Maintaining a system of risk assessment, preparation and emergency response;
• Creating an adequate work environment, in which all the employees can be satisfied and professional growth is encouraged;
• Consolidating cooperation relationships and mutual benefit with suppliers;
• Paying particular attention towards intolerance and allergies, focusing on the coeliac disease;
• Producing organic food respecting the systems and natural cycles and contributing to establish a sustainable management system for agriculture; to responsibly use energy an natural resources such as water, soil, air; to produced top quality products and to satisfy the consumers’ demand for organic products.

The achievement of our measurable goals is planned and verified with precise indicators. The Management is responsible for the systematic review of the Integrated System, the verification of the goals and the appropriateness of the quality policy.

The competent representative for self-monitoring undertakes to develop and apply the HACCP System as a documented instrument to prevent and control the healthiness and the safety of the food products at every stage of the production process. The Management is responsible for providing an adequate support in the Quality Policy in order to achieve the established goals and guarantee that the contents of the Quality System are explained, understood and shared by the all company organization.

Environmental Policy

Our Company provides products and services of excellence, operating according to criteria of quality, respect for the environment and protection of health and safety.  The environmental protection is a strategic objective for our company, and this environment policy is aimed at achieving the following objectives:

• protecting nature, saving natural resources in order to avoid wastage and, through careful analysis, searching for possible reuse or recirculation of energy and materials;

• documenting and analysing all flows and data regarding environmental aspects, in order to measure resilience of the system, preventing possible environmental pollution and guaranteeing  a continuous improvement;

• reducing the residual risks for the environment by implementing appropriate training  programs, adopting work instructions and using appropriate measures of work organization; rising awareness among our partners to stimulate their responsible behaviour;

• maintaining a system of risk analysis, training and response to emergency;

• motivating and guaranteeing that the staff are always put in conditions of performing tasks which he/she is qualified for, to guarantee an approach characterized by enthusiasm, cordiality, spirit of initiative and  attention to details; promoting in the organization the care for the environment;

• operating in respect of the law and regulations in force related to the management of the environment, anticipating, where it is possible, current laws and imposing ever higher targets to make the continuous improvement of performances effective;

• achieving an high level of quality in the management of the environment by reducing continuously the environmental impact of the Company;


The Management is committed to conveying its policy to all the interested parts and  training, rising awareness and responsibility among staff and partners to guarantee that the company processes are managed in an appropriate way to achieve the best result in terms of quality of the environment and safety.


This policy integrates with the provisions required by the Company’s Ethical Code and the Company’s integrated management system.