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Il Pastaio di Brescia a history of success and quality

Il Pastaio di Brescia was born in 1983, by two clever partners, Mr. Angelo Zampedri & Mr. Pasquale Maestri, who still manage the company together with their sons.
Il Pastaio di Brescia has since made great strides using the intuition of the properties to point to the single-product specializing in the production of dumplings and potato specialties, in its own brand Patarò and/or “private label”.

Now a day Il Pastaio is a limited liability company with seventy employees, two production facilities covering a total area of about 30,000 square meters (of which over 15.000 square meters of covered production area) and a target market that stretches from Italy to the rest of the continent, including the countries of Eastern Europe, United States and Australia.
What is the secret of this success?

Surely the recipe for success is the result of a long-term strategy that has seen the company (from management to the invaluable support of employees) to focus on innovation and technology in the service of quality and food safety. In fact Il Pastaio has worked with advanced industrial technology but never forgetting tradition and passion for the culinary culture.

The company has managed in order to achieve a brilliant balance between product quality and large-scale production. The company’s activity is carried out 24/24 h., 6 days a week, reaching an amount of packaged product of 1000 tons per day.

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The quality

Il Pastaio di Brescia is well known in the Gnocchi Market, as a high quality producer, able to guarantee a competitive value.
Il Pastaio applies a corporate policy focused on food-safety, which requires painstaking self-control procedure , starting from raw materials, production run until delivery. A projection technique on all fronts: from packaging innovation, to size and kind of products and logistics service is assured.

Il Pastaio di Brescia, already more than a dozen years is presents on international markets with IFS and BRC HIGHER LEVEL GRADE A + Certifications. Il Pastaio also takes part in major trade fairs in Italy and in the rest of the world in the belief that the company, in order to grow and prosper, it must have a “window” always open to the world.

Il Pastaio has revolutionized the world of potato dumplings, introducing the cool-mix dough (as home made) with a 98% potato puree offering a wide product range that is unparalleled among competitors. The catalog is continually renewed, showing the vitality and the continuing research for innovation, creating new references obtained by playing with new shapes, color and taste. The tricolor chicche and starlets potato dumplings, stuffed gnocchi with several kind of filling, and heart shape gnocchi are just some examples of innovative products. These trade proposals have revived a segment traditionally mature as one of the dumplings.

In conclusion, Il Pastaio is not only a leader in the production of gnocchi in Italy, it has been shown that even with a simple food like gnocchi can be made large numbers, both at the table and in the business.